Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Alert Systems



Yes, one of the features of our medical alert systems is that they are easy to install. Generally, it takes about 10 minutes to install a medical alert system. If you have any trouble installing your medical alert system, please refer to the instruction manual that was supplied with your personal emergency response system or contact one of our company-trained installation experts for assistance.

Yes, your medical alert system can be moved to another location in your home. Once you have moved your medical alert system to the new location in your home, please test your medical alert system to ensure it is functioning properly from its new location.

Yes, your medical alert system can be moved to a different home or location.  Your medical alert system will work from anywhere in North America. After moving your medical alert system to where you want it, please call one of our Emergency Response Center professionals to inform them of the new location that your medical alert system will be operating from.


If you mistakenly activate your medical alert system, a trained Emergency Response Center professional will speak with you using the two-way voice communication feature on the system. Simply inform the Emergency Response Center professional that you activated the medical alert system by accident. There are no charges for false alerts.

If your home loses power, your medical alert system will continue to function as normal because it is equipped with a battery backup and anti-failure features to keep it working in the event of a loss of power or power failure.

When you push the personal help button on your medical alert system pendant, it will activate the console's digital communicator to send the appropriate alarm signal to the Emergency Response Center and start two-way voice communication with an Emergency Response Center specialist that is waiting to assist with the situation and whom will get you emergency help if you require it.

If you are concerned that your medical alert system may not be working properly, please contact us immediately and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to address any problems you may be having with your medical alert system’s equipment. Please call the Emergency Response Center at 1-866-900-0205 for immediate assistance. For more general inquiries, please use our contact us form with your service-related questions, comments, or concerns.


SafeGuard recommends you test you system at least once a month.

No. If you have an emergency, call 911 first. If you are unable to call 911, then press the panic, medical or fire alarm button on your touchpad, and SafeGuard will request emergency services.

Safeguard recommends a traditional phone line to communicate your alarm signal to our 24 hour central monitoring station.

The on-going development of new technologies offers today’s consumers a wide range of new communications services, which are generically called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Digital Phone services. These services are provided by cable companies, telecommunications companies and, in some cases, independent providers that rely on the Internet connections that are already present in the home. While all these technologies provide a form of telephone service, there may be differences in their range of features and reliability.

All SafeGuard products are monitored by SafeGuard's Emergency Care Centre at 1520 Lesperance Road., Tecumseh, Ontario. SafeGuard does not subcontract to third party monitoring companies.

SafeGuard Owns and Operates its own Medical Emergency Monitoring Centre.


No, SafeGuard does not charge any activation, administration or other hidden fees.

Yes, with our Auto Payment Program.

No, SafeGuard does not require a long term contract.

The cost of a Medical Alert System will vary depending in the type of system you require. Our most popular system is leased for $24.95 per month.

No, there is no charge to install a Medical Alert System.

Yes, your Medical Alert System is leased to you by SafeGuard. SafeGuard provides a lifetime warranty on all service, parts and labour. This warranty also includes batteries.

Select a system or service below to learn more:

Maintain your independent lifestyle at home while enjoying uninterrupted day-and-night access to emergency help.
HomeSafe with Auto Fall
Enjoy carefree and dignified living knowing that a fall will be automatically detected with 24-hour help.
MobileSafe with GPS
Have the freedom to enjoy active living with access to 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere.
Your caregivers and care team can communicate effectively and can proactively manage your overall well being.
You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s safety and well being when you can’t be around to look after them.