Test My Medical Alert System

SafeGuard encourages its' customers' to test their Medical Alert System.

There are many outside interruptions that can cause communication problems between your system and our monitoring station.

How to Test My Medical Alert System

  1. Dial our 24/7 Monitoring Station at 1-866-900-0205 to speak to a live operator
  2. Have your Name, Address and Phone Number ready. This identifies you as the authorized user
  3. Advise the operator you would like to test your Medical Alert System
  4. Activate your Medical Alert System by pressing your pendant button.
  5. Allow the system time to dial SafeGuard's Emergency Care Centre. Typically 30 seconds
  6. A trained SafeGuard Emergency Care Centre Professional communicates with you through two-way voice
  7. Advise the Operator that you are test your system
  8. The operator will confirm the Emergency Care Centre test

You are done!