MobileSafe with GPS

Experience what life offers with 24/7 help from virtually anywhere.


HomeSafe with AutoFall

Enjoy carefree living without the added concern of falling.



Live independently with 24-hour access to help at home.


Proactively manage your health and wellness to live longer.


Ensure your loved one’s needs are met while you’re away.


Select a system or service below to learn more:

Maintain your independent lifestyle at home while enjoying uninterrupted day-and-night access to emergency help.
HomeSafe with Auto Fall
Enjoy carefree and dignified living knowing that a fall will be automatically detected with 24-hour help.
MobileSafe with GPS
Have the freedom to enjoy active living with access to 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere.
Your caregivers and care team can communicate effectively and can proactively manage your overall well being.
You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s safety and well being when you can’t be around to look after them.

24/7 Medical Alert Systems and Emergency Monitoring Services

SafeGuard personal medical alert systems and monitoring services assist seniors, individuals with medical conditions and disabilities, and individuals living alone to live more active and independent lifestyles. Our personal emergency response systems (PERS) are easy to use, affordable, reliable, and can save lives. With emergency assistance at their fingertips, at-risk individuals using our medical alert systems and monitoring services can feel safe and secure at all times of the day.

At SafeGuard, we never take our customers’ trust for granted. We are always ready to help our customers when they need assistance and we do this by selling reliable medical alert equipment and by owning and operating our own Emergency Response Center.  We employ highly trained and certified emergency care specialists with the knowledge and experience to effectively respond to emergency and non-emergency situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike many other medical alert companies who rely on third party monitoring, we can provide an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and 24/7 emergency responsiveness through our privately owned and operated Emergency Response Center.

With offices in Ontario, Michigan, and Florida, we can provide comprehensive solutions for medical alert and monitoring services to our customers in North America. From medical alert systems that work only in your home, to personal emergency response systems that can monitor your well-being virtually anywhere you go, we offer the latest medical alert systems and monitoring services available in our industry today.