Emergency Medical Alert Company Servicing North America

Since 1985, SafeGuard has been providing cutting edge personal emergency response systems, medical alert products, and medical monitoring services designed for seniors and individuals with medical conditions in an effort to promote health, wellness, and personal security.

We are a customer focused medical alert company with employees that are dedicated to providing personalized and responsive customer service, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Our knowledgeable SafeGuard team members provide an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

For over 30 years, SafeGuard has upheld a positive reputation in the medical industry. We are known for providing prompt, responsive, and superior quality products and services. We provide the latest personal emergency response systems and medical monitoring and security services available in the medical industry today. Our company trained installation experts are available to assist with the installation of our medical alert products for our customers.

By owning and operating our own medical monitoring center, our team can provide unsurpassed around the clock medical monitoring services. Our medical monitoring center uses state of the art technology to ensure our qualified and experienced care center specialists are available at all times of the day to aid and send the proper help when it is needed most. Our Emergency Medical Monitoring Center is fully equipped with anti-failure protection features including an automatic emergency generator that indefinitely supplies a continuous source of electricity and a fully redundant database center that provides complete backup for disaster recovery.

Through the use of our emergency medical alert systems, our highly trained and certified response specialists will be available to monitor your loved ones’ urgent and non-urgent needs every second of the day. When emergency medical assistance is required, our team follows personal emergency response protocols to take action immediately and to deliver care accordingly with the needs of our customers.

Our medical alert systems, monitoring services, and proactive health management solutions continue to provide the opportunity for seniors and vulnerable individuals to enjoy the activities of daily living and to maintain an independent lifestyle while staying safe at home and beyond the home.

Select a system or service below to learn more:

Maintain your independent lifestyle at home while enjoying uninterrupted day-and-night access to emergency help.
HomeSafe with Auto Fall
Enjoy carefree and dignified living knowing that a fall will be automatically detected with 24-hour help.
MobileSafe with GPS
Have the freedom to enjoy active living with access to 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere.
Your caregivers and care team can communicate effectively and can proactively manage your overall well being.
You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s safety and well being when you can’t be around to look after them.