HomeSafe Medical Alert System

Enjoy 24/7 Emergency Response From The Comfort of Your Home

With the HomeSafe medical alert system, seniors, individuals with medical conditions, and people that live alone can maintain their independent lifestyles. They can enjoy peace of mind and security that comes from uninterrupted around the clock access to emergency help from SafeGuard's Emergency Response Center. The HomeSafe system is designed to be user friendly, which makes it the perfect solution for individuals that spend most of their time at home.

The HomeSafe medical alert system is easy to set up and operate, and can be activated within minutes of receiving the unit. The system uses advanced wireless technology and offers comprehensive anti-failure protection features, including: power failure, low or missing battery alerts, 24 hour battery backup, and automatic periodic testing.

The HomeSafe medical alert system functions as a personal panic button using a portable emergency help pendant which can be worn as a necklace or wristband, clipped to clothing, or mounted to a wall. The tabletop console unit has built in two-way hands free voice communication capabilities to provide clear and reliable transmission with the SafeGuard Emergency Response Center to ensure help is received without delay.

Access to SafeGuard's Emergency Response Center is readily available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, simply by pushing the help button on the pendant or console. SafeGuard's is staffed with trained and certified response professionals that are experienced in dealing with medical events and emergency situations.

For less than a dollar a day, the HomeSafe medical alert system offers individuals and their loved ones the freedom, safety, and peace of mind to live independently.


  • Attractive, waterproof design that can be worn in the bath or shower

  • Two-way, hands free voice communication and speakerphone capabilities with high volume settings and a high sensitivity microphone

  • Built in rechargeable 24 hour backup battery

  • Braille characters are moulded on the console to identify the emergency buttons for the visually impaired

  • Functional long range personal help button

  • Capacity to receive signals from multiple pendants

  • Uses existing phone line –you DO NOT lose a line

  • Personalized emergency response and protocols

  • Immediate 24/7 SafeGuard Emergency Response Center support with trained and certified professionals that can remotely talk to and view the subscribers’ profile, send help, issue reminders, and reassure that help is on the way

Select a system or service below to learn more:

Maintain your independent lifestyle at home while enjoying uninterrupted day-and-night access to emergency help.
HomeSafe with Auto Fall
Enjoy carefree and dignified living knowing that a fall will be automatically detected with 24-hour help.
MobileSafe with GPS
Have the freedom to enjoy active living with access to 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere.
Your caregivers and care team can communicate effectively and can proactively manage your overall well being.
You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s safety and well being when you can’t be around to look after them.