MobileSafe with GPS

24/7 emergency medical monitoring from virtually anywhere

MobileSafe with GPS is one of the most innovative mobile personal emergency response systems on the market today. The MobileSafe with GPS medical alert system offers seniors and vulnerable individuals the freedom and security to experience what life has to offer, with the confidence that emergency help will be available at all hours of the day or night, whether at home or on the go.

MobileSafe with GPS is designed to provide seniors, at-risk individuals, and their families with the greatest peace of mind that comes from having access to 24/7 emergency medical monitoring from virtually anywhere with a simple press of a button.

Advanced features include: instant hands free two-way voice communication with the SafeGuard Emergency Response Center, automatic fall detection, and GPS location services.

MobileSafe with GPS is the ideal medical alert solution for individuals that want the comfort and protection of a personal emergency response system wherever they may be.


  • 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere - at home, away, and on the go

  • Automatic fall detection

  • Locating Services: on-board Global Positioning Services (GPS) and mobile network Location Based Services (LBS)

  • Full duplex speakerphone which provides communication up to 3 feet from pendant

  • One touch help button that connects to the SafeGuard Emergency Response Center

  • Highly water resistant and designed to be worn in the shower or bath

  • Long battery life (approx. 36 hours)

  • Can be worn discreetly around the neck on a lanyard or clipped to a belt

  • Shatter resistant from approx. 6 feet

  • Nationwide cellular connectivity

  • Local area connectivity: Bluetooth EDR 2.1

*** The MobileSafe with GPS personal emergency response system may not detect 100% of falls that occur. If you are able, you should always push the help button on the medical alert device to initiate help from the SafeGuard Emergency Response Center.

Select a system or service below to learn more:

Maintain your independent lifestyle at home while enjoying uninterrupted day-and-night access to emergency help.
HomeSafe with Auto Fall
Enjoy carefree and dignified living knowing that a fall will be automatically detected with 24-hour help.
MobileSafe with GPS
Have the freedom to enjoy active living with access to 24/7 monitoring from virtually anywhere.
Your caregivers and care team can communicate effectively and can proactively manage your overall well being.
You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s safety and well being when you can’t be around to look after them.